Play Your Tuition Bills!

Grantoo is a new unique social gaming platform in the US that lets you play amazing games and win educational and charitable rewards – all for free.

Here’s how it works:

Grantoo was first brought to my attention on For Immediate Release‘s podcast (#651) posted on May 14th 2012. Listening back to the previous podcast on May 9th Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson interviewed Dimitri Sillam the co-founder and CEO of Grantoo. Dimitri describes how he’s recognised the economic problem in the US, that the student loan debt has reached a record of a trillion dollars lately and the rates are ever-increasing. He states “it’s about time for the private sector to step in and try to solve the problem with their solutions”.

He mentions that “gaming is very popular amongst students, so why not merge something students already do with something they need, which is money for their education”.

The way it works is by having online gaming tournaments, so far there are a choice of three games; a quiz game, a scrabble game and a poker game and these games are customised for brands and sponsor them. All the money will go to students tuition fees and a proportion of the money will go to a charity of their choice because the core value of Gantoo is to teach how to give back.

The company charge $1.25 per brand and guarantee a full 45 minutes exposure on a customised game, students then have the opportunity to win anything from $100 to $5000 per tournament and recently one student that won $5000, donated 30% to a charity of his choice.

The games run every hour and there’s one tournament per day on weekdays with more on the weekend as the tournaments get bigger due to the amount of people that play online at this time eg. It’s $1 per user and if there’s $100 up for grabs your playing against 99 other people.

With companies lacking ways of showing CSR in the US, Grantoo provides a great platform to showcase what brands are doing in terms of demonstrating the extra things they do. Considering all of this, could this concept  happen within the UK?


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