Who uses social networks?

With more than half the adult population connected to social networks around the world, I though it would be interesting to look at who these people really are?

To begin with, I thought I’d share this infographic I found on Mashable created by Online MBA.

It maybe a little hard to understand at first but this infographic has broken down the demographics of social media users and from this you can compare the facts:

  • It is apparent that sites are seeing gender splits with more women using them than men (Twitter shows 59% female user population with 57% on Facebook).
  • Women are the main users of Pinterest while young tech savvy men make up the majority of users on Google + with 50% of all Google + users being under 24.
  • Whereas LinkedIn shows an even ratio of men to women.
  • Most people use social media to stay in touch with friends and family. More are doing so while on the go and about 200 million Facebook users check their site from their mobile devices every day.
  • In terms of education 50% of LinkedIn users have a degree compared to only 24% of users on Twitter and Facebook.

These statistics become of interest for organisations who need to specifically target and market their product or service in order to interact and build relationships with  a particular demographic.


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