How will the Olympics embrace social media?

With the 2012 Olympics coming to London in 72 days, how will the rise in social media over the past 4 years change the way we receive coverage over the two week event?

This year, the Olympics are being branded ‘the social games’ as the evolution of media continues to grow. This is demonstrated below which is taken from the Official Olympic Movement site.

The ‘Olympic Athletes Hub‘ is a site The International Olympic Committee launched designed to serve as a social media platform enhancing the digital connection between fans and competitors With the use of gamification, the hub is there to incentivise fans to interact with the site. Users will be able to watch training tips posted by verified athletes and be able to win prizes.

The site will provide a platform for not only fans to interact with the athletes but  other athletes to interact with each other during and after the games. It essentially becomes a tool for bridging the gap between fan and athlete.

Finally, here are some notablefaces to watch out for using social media this year:


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