World’s First QR Code Exhibition

Mashable today reported that the worlds first QR Code exhibition and conference will take place in London at the Royal Horticultural Halls on October 24th, 2012.

Adam Leese, Head of Operations at QR Worlds Expo  said: “We hope to bring industry specialists, service providers and users of the technology together to share ideas, discuss experiences and promote innovation. London will be our first event with a US and Far East event planned for 2013,”

The exhibition will feature speakers and exhibitors from around the world who provide or utilise QR Code technology.

For those unfamiliar with QR (or Quick Response) Codes, they are generated images of matrix barcodes and can be found printed on almost anything from paper cups and magazines to  huge billboards located in city centres. These codes are used for encoding information in two-dimensional space which then makes it easily to link content to smartphones.

The square codes are a shortcut to accessing information and can easily be integrated with various services, and incorporate geo-location data.

There are a number of apps in the iPhone App Store that can read QR Codes, including the free QRReader. Blackberries and most Android phones can automatically read them a well as the most new Nokia phones.

However, having never really caught onto the craze myself, I am dubious of how long QR codes will last, I see them more of a barrier to accessing information and often the reward doesn’t measure up to the effort taken to scan a code.

What are your feeling towards them? Please feel free to leave a comment.


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